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Solo/Duo/Trio Dance Showcase 2011


Surrey Arts Centre
April 29 - May 1, 2011

Emma DeLisser Contemporary - High Silver
Tayrn Addison Contemporary - High Silver
Savannah Way Contemporary - Gold
Katrine Ristau Demi Character - High Silver
Samantha/Andrea Irish - Gold
Pre Junior Jazz Shake down the Boogie - Gold
Pre Co Jazz Seven - Silver
Emily/Tamara Jazz - Silver
Junior Hip Hop (Thurs 4-5) - High Gold
Philip/Elijah/Evan Hip Hop - Gold
Pre Co Lyrical The Light - Gold
Pre Co Lycial Sunday - Gold
Mariah Norum Jazz - Gold
Melody Tsai Jazz - Gold
Lindsay Sydenham Jazz - Gold
Lyrical B You’ll Be in My Heart - High Gold
Intermediate Hip Hop Sinnerman - Gold
Taylor Bullock Jazz - Silver
Raman Bains Jazz - Silver
Danielle Sydenham Jazz - High Silver
Nicole Fedoruk Jazz - Gold
Andrea Forer Irish High - Silver
Samantha Witwicki Irish - Gold
Emma Wilson Novelty - Gold
Taylor Bullock Lyrical - Gold
Fiona Yee Lyrcial - Silver
Pre Junior Stage Sleepover High - Silver
Junior Co. Stage Life’s a Beach - Gold
Demi/Oliva Novelty - High Silver
Elijah/Kyra Novelty - Gold
Lindsay/Kate Novelty - Gold
Alisha/Shayla Novelty - High Silver
Courtnie/Brittany Hip Hop - Gold
Allyson Lowry Lyrical High - Silver
Danielle Sydenham Lyrical - High Silver
Michelle Lyrical - High Silver
Courtney Smith Lyrical - Silver
Paula Lyrical - Gold
Madisyn Gifford Novelty - High Gold
Mini Co Jazz Stupid Cupid - High Gold
Junior B Jazz Bad - Gold
Junior A Jazz Vogue - Gold
Junior A Lyrical Will You Be There - Gold
Senior Acro Can Can - Gold
Junior Acro I Dream of Jeannie - Gold
Paul/Courtney/Amy Novelty - Gold
White Rabbit Novelty - High Gold
Junior Hip Hop (Thursday 6-7) - Gold

Junior Hip Hop (Thurs 4-5) - High Gold - Choreography Award – Karen Sydenham
Junior Co Stage Life’s A Beach - Gold - Most Promising – Dana Madder
Elijah/Kyra St. Germain - Gold - Most Outstanding
Madisyn Gifford - High Gold - Most Outstanding – Trophy-Bursary
Junior A Lyrical - Gold – Most Promising – Jessica DeMarzo

Bell Performing Arts Centre
March 1-5, 2011.

Emily Duffy/Tamara Kristensen – 1st place
Kyra St. Germain – 1st place
Lindsay Sydenham – 3rd place
Junior Contemporary “Peace Be With You” – 1st place
Lindsay Sydenham/Kate Hoffinger – 1st place
Junior Stage – “Life’s a Beach” – 2nd place
Evan Muirhead – 1st place
Intermediate Hip Hop “Sinnerman” – 3rd place
Tayrn Addison – 3rd place
Emma Delisser – 2nd place
Raman Bains – 4th place
Danielle Sydenham – 1st place
Savannah Way – 2nd place
Fiona Yee – Performance
Allyson Lowry – 3rd place
Michelle Sieklucki – 1st place
Danielle Sydenham – 2nd place
Pre Co Jazz “Seven” – 3rd place
Brianna Tobin – 3rd place
Pre Co Lyrical “Sunday” – 3rd place
Pre Co Lyrical “The Light” – 2nd place
Sandra Soares – 1st place
Taylor Bullock – 4th place
Kirsten Smith – 4th place
Pre Co – Stage “White Rabbit” – 3rd place
Amie Muirhead – Performance
Nicole Fedoruk – Performance
Contemporary “Silent” – 1st place
Taylor/Sandra/Brianna – 3rd place
Brianna Tobin – Performance
Taylor Bullock – Performance
Shayla Munn – Performance
Amy O’Toole/Alisha Tallarico – 2nd place
Paula Hlavacek – Performance
Shayla Munn – Performance
Courtney Smith – Performance
Senior Jazz “Vampire Diaries “ – 3rd place
Paula/Courtney/Amy – Performance
Alisha Tallarico/Kirsten Smith – 1st place
Paula Hlavacek/Courtney Smith – Performance
Brianna Tobin – 2nd place
Amie Muirhead – Performance
Nicole Fedoruk – 3rd Place
Amy O’Toole – 2nd place
Senior Lyrical “Cosmic Love” – 3rd place
Senior Stage “ Revolution” – 4th place
Alisha Tallarico – Performance
Emma Wilson – 3rd place
Kirsten Smith – 4th place
Advanced Hip Hop “Cybenetics” – 4th place

Special Recognition
Kyra St. Germain – Top Ten Level 2
Junior Contemporary “Peace Be With You” – Top Ten Level 2 – Jessica DeMarzo
Contemporary “Silent” – Top Ten Level 3
Alisha/Kirsten Novelty Duo – 4th High Level Duo/Trio Level 4Trophy/Bursary
Sandra Soares – 2nd High Level Solo (12-13yrs) Level 4 Trophy/Bursary

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