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Dance Competition Results 2007

Congratulation to all of our competitive students. The hard work and commitment that goes into these dances is evident by our very success this year. Just for Kicks School of Dance brought home 21 Gold, 14 Silver, 3 Bronze, 1 Second and 3 Third Place Trophies.

#30 Northern Lights Sr. Jazz CNDC-High Silver, DPA-Gold, SFD-3rd
#13 Ashes and Soot Sr. Lyrical CNDC-Gold, DPA-Silver, PK-Gold, SFD-3rd
#29 Bring It Jr. Hip Hop DPS-Silver, PK-Silver
#2 Proud Mary Jr. Jazz DPA-Bronze, PK-Gold
#19 Irish Meadows (Sat shows) Irish DPA-Gold
#6 Toy Soldiers Tap DPB-Bronze
#9 Street Vendors (Fri 7PM show) Hip Hop DPB-Gold
#31 Shadows (Sat 2PM show) Sr. Hip Hop DPB-Gold
#34 City Skyline (Sat 7PM show) Jazz DPB-Gold
#32 Blue Stars (Sat 2PM show) Into, Jazz DPB-Gold
#17 Bert's Crew (Sat 2PM show) Hip Hop DPA-Gold

Samantha Wilwicki Ballet DPA-Gold
Kylie O'Toole Jazz CNDC-Gold, PK-Gold
Kirsten Smith Jazz PDS-Bronze
Nicole Fedoruk Jazz PDS-Silver, PK-Gold, SFD-3rd
Brianna Tobin Jazz PK-Silver
Taylor Bullock Jazz DPA-Gold, DT-Gold
Savannah Way Jazz DPA-Silver, DT-Silver
Taeja Campbell Lyrical DPA-Gold, DT-Silver
Courtney Smith Lyrical DPA-Silver, DT-High Silver
Shayla Munn Lyrical DPA-Gold, DT-Silver
Catriona O'Grady Modern DPA-Gold
Amy O'Toole Street Jazz CNDC-Silver, SFD-2nd

Kira Tome/Sabrina Zawila Jazz CNDC-High Silver, DT-Gold

Amy O'Toole Jr. Street Jazz/Hip Hop Surrey Festival of Dance Scholarship
Dana Madder Choreography Award (Sr. Lyrical) Canadian National Dance Competition

CNDC - Canadian National Dance Competition
DPB - Dance Power Burnaby
DT - Dream Team
SFD - Surrey Dance Festival

DPA - Dance Power Abbotsford
DPS - Dance Power Surrey
PI - Peak Invitational

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