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Dance Instructor, teacher, Surrey, Delta  
  Jax Fermada  

BBoy, Breakdance and Hip Hop Instructor

Jax Fermada started out dancing as the 3rd generation of the "Now Or Never Crew" (N.O.N). In the past 7 years, he has been traveling around the world and representing Vancouver, Canada as N.O.N. Throughout those years, they succeded winning numerous battles such as World Hip Hop Championship 2007, Driven to Perform 2008, Massive Monkeys Day 2009, Ground Zero Jam 2009 and Battle of the Year Canada 2008, which they recieved the opportunity to represent Canada in the B.O.T.Y. Internationals, Germany.

  He has also opened up for the "JabbaWockeez & Massive Monkeys" from the America's Best Dance Crew and, as well the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games 2010. Without a doubt, Jaxs objective is to share his dance knowledge and experience with the world, and to help anyone who is interested in bboying. A class of bboy fundamentals along with the understanding of how to express the inner character will help and develop confidence. This class will guarantee to take your bboying to the next level, so step up and challenge yourself to the dance of Hip Hop.  
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